Your Safety, Product Heigeny and product quality with Customer satisfaction is our priority. 

We bake with Love. 

About out Baking

All food can be bake and eat however some baking food required specific measurements and temperatures for perfect baked. So, Knowing the right measurement and the exact temperature is necessary for the rightly baked items.

We use good quality and fine ingredients for our baking so that we can bake a great item for you also we use to filter water for our baking. The following are our three core principle, that we bake for you.

Why choose us

Food Safty & Quality


We strictly follow the food safety norm in order to provide you the best hygienic baking product.
We use great quality ingredients for the baking product

Great Taste


We bake with love from our home and use fine ingredients. When you get both together with a professional look, feel & taste, the product will have great taste.

Customer Satisfaction


Your satisfaction is one of THE most top priorities.

About Prexa

FreshBake was founded in the apartment by Prexa Lad. She is passionate about homemade baking products. So, she decided to leave her 9 to 5 daily job and completed professional baking classes from Whitecaps international school of pastry, Bangalore in 2019-2020. She decided to start homemade baking items from the apartment and slowly she started selling Cakes, Bread, donuts, Cupcakes, and tea cake within the apartment.

She Wanted to serve healthy and homemade food to the people and her decided to bake FRESH and no use of preservative and food chemical in her baking food with the highest level of hygiene and great quality with taste. With this decision, her product got the attention from a nearby apartment.

In addition to her bakery interest, She has completed Master in
Computer science from the Oxford college of science, Bangalore



How do I Order?

We are accepting orders via phone, WhatsApp, Facebook chat. You can message on +91-8431132581 for your order.

How my order gets delivered?

It depends on how you order. We deliver if your address is with the 10KM radius from our location. Please check the distance before the order.

Is there any delivery charge?

Yes, If the distance is less then 3KM from our location then Its free and after then Rs. 10/KM and if you have ordered from Swiggy then the only Swiggy pick up and drop the charge
I can not find on Swiggy?
We have not to tie up with Siwggy but using Swiggy pick up and deliver option you can order it.

What if the cake is broken during transport?

If we deliver your cake then we take full responsibility and refund your full amount if half-broken and If third party delivery mode, we are not responsible for cake damage.

Can I pay online for my order?

Yes, we accept GPay, PayTM, and PhonePe UPI only. We will communicate once you order with us.

Do I need to pay any advance for my order?

Yes, If you are ordering a cake, you need to pay 50% amount as an advance for booking amount which gets adjust with full payment

Can you deliver the product to our apartment daily?

Yes, Please contact me for more details, +91-8431132581

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